In an effort from alrajhi bank to facilitate communication with suppliers and speed up the purchasing cycle in the bank, an electronic supplier portal has been established that provides suppliers with many benefits and services that will contribute to the completion of operations and procedures related to them efficiently and effectively. This service also enables the new supplier to submit an application to register it as an approved supplier with the bank and then manage its page within this portal, whether updating their data or finds requests for offers sent and responding to them.

Procurement Department at alrajhi bank manages the contractual relationship between the bank and the supplier and it is the authorized Department for requesting to submit quotations and tenders, and issues purchase orders and contracts. for the purpose of obtaining supplies and services, to achieve the best possible value, through the methodology of purchasing by existing laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which must apply to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards.

Registration Requirement:

  1. Company profile that contains a statement of services and products provided, previous experience, list of clients, geographical coverage, manpower, organizational structure of the company.
  2. Attach all valid legal documents & certificates according to the Vendor Location (Based on the country) for local entities : (commercial register, license, Profession license such as contractors classification, public security license, etc., GOSI certificate, Zakat certificate, VAT certificate, Saudization certificate, chamber of commerce certificate, SAGIA certificate (if Applicable), Memorandum of Association of the company, Power of Attorney. For foreign entities (all applicable certificates or licenses according to the country, for example: commercial registration, license, etc., the company’s articles of incorporation).
  3. IBAN Certificate (contains account name and information) * The name of the bank account must match the name of the company.
  4. The company's Financial Statements for the last three years.
  5. Copy of the owners ID of the company.
  6. Contact Details with Escalation matrix.
  7. Copy of Partners, Agencies or Products Certificates.
  8. Acceptance of the General terms and conditions of the Bank.


  1. For inquires related to registration or Admin Profile; kindly send an email to:
  2. For inquires related to Payments; kindly send an email to: