alrajhi bank credit Card “Charge Card”

Terms and Conditions

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Classic Charge Credit Card

Classic Charge Credit Card is the ideal companion when you need to spend a little more than you can afford in cases of emergency or essential needs.

Cards Benefits

Paying 100% of the monthly Card statement.

earn point

mokafaa program Allows You To Earn 1 Point Domestic Per SAR 1 In Your Purchasing And 2 Points In International With Your Card. 

  1. Redeem your mokafaa points at over 100 merchants using your mobile number directly.
  2. Convert your mokafaa points to flyer miles via alrajhi bank app.
  3. Transfer reward points to any alrajhi bank customer registered in the program.
  4. Donate and transfer reward points to one of the charitable societies listed in the program.
Safe Online Shopping

Safe Online Shopping.

0% Monthly Profit Margin


Cash Withdrawal, Local & international cash withdrawal up to 30% of your credit limit.


Instant Discounts Enjoy a unique collection of offers and experiences across travel, dining, wellness and more with your Classic Charge Credit Card

Card Features


Accepted at over 30 million local & international POS including 900,000 ATMS worldwide.

Free Cards

Additional Cards For Family Members.

Near field Communication

Near-field Communication (NFC), madaPay, mada Atheer and Apple Pay services, make your payments by simply waving or tapping your card on the POS terminal.


Instant Notifications, A free service that sends you a notification messages to stay on the top of your finances with ease and convenience.

Free protection

3D Secure, More secure than cash, 3D secure uses a verification process, one time password for online shopping and EMV chip to protect your information.

Fees and Charges

Schedule of Charges Fee
Card issuance

SAR 370

Annual fees

SAR 320

Supplementary Card issuance fee SAR 180
Supplementary Card Annual fees SAR 145
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.75%
Request to increase/decrease the temporary credit limit SAR 25
Replacement fees SAR 25
Cash Withdrawal fee (alrajhi bank ATM’s) SAR 21
Cash Withdrawal fee from domestic / international ATM’s bank SAR 30
Cash Withdrawal fee / Amount transfer Fees \Transfer to electronic payment wallets* SAR 9
Wrong Dispute SAR 30

* Effective date January 3, 2024

Required Documents:

Al Rajhi Bank

Existing bank account with Al Rajhi bank.


Copy Of Valid ID (National ID/Iqama)

Salary Certificate

Salary Certificate mentioning employments from employee

Application Form

Fill & Submit Application Form. Submit Now

 Terms & Conditions

Approve the Terms & Conditions.

Don’t have an alrajhi bank account? Create one now

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Via Branches

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Card offered by Al Rajhi Bank is a fully sharia compliant Card based on Islamic principle and offer unparalleled benefits tailored to your needs.
The card is based on Murabaha financing wherein purchase and sale of commodity is consented by the customer for the issuance of Card.
The Card offers you lowest ever profit rate of 1% per month as a part of monthly Murabaha installment on your Card. However, upon full payment of your outstanding on due date, full rebate equivalent to your installment will be credited into your Card account. This way the impact of profit is void.

Upon receiving the Card from courier, you need to activate it by logging into Al Mubasher (online banking) or calling our toll free number 800 124 1222. Since this Card is secured by “Chip & Pin” feature, you also need to setup your PIN code while activating your Card.


Yes. Card is secured by “Verified by VISA (VbV)” for online shopping & purchases you make.
Yes. A supplementary Card can be issued to your family members upon your request.
A minimum 5% of your bill will be deducted automatically from your current account. However, you can pay any amount against your Card bill online via Al Mubashar using “advance payment” option.
Alternatively ,Please follow steps outlined in : CALL TOLL FREE WITHIN KSA 92000 33 44 TOLL FREE WITHIN KSA +966 92000 33 44 Al Rajhi Mobile App Al Rajhi Online.