Shlha Program

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Shlha Program

In our endeavor at Al Rajhi Bank to provide the best programs and financing solutions, we’re pleased to present to you Shlha program, which will provide Al Rajhi bank’s customers the opportunity to benefit from financing with free admin fees and profits through service provider (Merchant).

Benefits and Features for service provider (Merchant):

  1. Increase customer base.
  2. Increase sales.
  3. Benefit from Al Rajhi Bank customers base.
  4. A sustainable partnership with Al Rajhi bank.

Benefits and Features for customers:

  1. No profit margins.
  2. Speedy completion of financing process.
  3. Possibility of financing retired clients.
  4. Possibility of financing Non-Saudis clients.
  5. A guarantor is not required to obtain the finance.
  6. Possibility of financing for clients approaching retirement.
  7. The possibility of providing the service to another beneficiary by the customer’s choice.
  8. Possibility of early payment at any time upon the customer’s request.
  9. Exemption from debt in the event of death or total disability, God forbid.
  10. Enabling the customer to benefit from financing products and other services provided by Al Rajhi Bank.