Hassad Account

Hassad Account

Hassad Account

It is a savings account that is Mudaraba-centric. It is compliant with the provisions of Islamic Sharia where the bank allows the customer the flexibility in withdrawing and depositing from this account and conducting other banking services in accordance to the terms and conditions.

Benefits of Hassad Account

  1. Dividends are distributed on a monthly basis in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  2. Competitive profit rates.
  3. An integrated electronic account that is opened and managed via alrajhi bank app.
  4. Flexibility in withdrawals and deposits
  5. Opening and closing the account at any time without fees.
  6. Electronic statement of account.
  7. Requirements to open the Hassad Account

  8. The presence of an existing current account.


Minimum Balance Tenor AER*  Allowed Withdrawals during a month Minimum Profitable Limit
10,000 SAR to 299,999 SAR One Month 1.40% / Year  Unlimited 60% 
300,000 SAR  - 999,999 SAR One Month 1.75% / Year  Unlimited
1,000,000 and above One Month 2.00% / Year  Unlimited
 3000.000 and above One Month 2.50% / Year  Unlimited

*Expected Profit rate: It is the equivalent annual rate, which is a number that shows the expected profit rate in the account if the profit is paid for a whole year and doubles

*The equivalent annual rate may vary depending on the different time periods from the examples above. The returns are non-fixed and are subject to change. This will be periodically announced to customers through the bank's electronic channels.


    Is there a minimum amount to open a Hassad Savings Account?

  1. There is no minimum amount to open a Hassad Savings Account
  2. Can I withdraw from Hassad account?

  3. Yes, anytime.
  4. Are there any fees opening or cancelling a Hassad account?

  5. No, there is no fee to open or cancel the account
  6. What is the method of calculating profits?

  7. The expected profit is calculated on a monthly basis based on the lowest balance during the month in case the balance is above the minimum according to the terms and conditions.
  8. Can I open more than one Hassad account?

  9. No, the client can only open one Hassad account
  10. Fees

  11. There are no fees to open a Hassad Account
  12. How to open a Hassad Account?

  13. You can open a Hassad account using the alrajhi bank app.